My Skills!

More About Me!

Sometimes I wear many hats. Development Leader for an environmental startup, Software Engineer for multiple small and large scale web applications, Head Electronics Technician, Data Recovery specialist, Network Administrator even ERP Software Developer.

I'm always growing. If I am not moving forward I feel like I am standing still, it is important to me that I continue learning, making sure that I am exceeding or at the very least staying current with the latest technologies and industry best practices.

I'm two sides of a coin! I know hardware AND software. I've worked on numerous hardware projects and custom software application builds that include everything from setting up Virtual Window's & Linux servers to firewall configuration and Xen Virtualization.

I can manipulate data. I've worked with MySQL, PostgreSQL and even couchDB. Don't worry, I still know the true value of a simple CSV.

I get things done. I've designed, written and implemented multiple large scale web applications that have effectively supported hundreds of users, Including a fully automated I.T asset management system called "Core", Custom content management system and of course my daily dose of GitHub patches.

I communicate well. I'm not a scary, anti-social programmer recluse. I love to work on projects that require input from multiple team members and have fun with it! Team work, really does make the dream work! There is really nothing I like better than drilling down to the root of a problem and finding a solution together.

I love to contribute. Sharing ideas, information and contributing to the personal development of others is so rewarding! I've found that the secret to true happiness is helping others. Co-Workers, Friends, Family or even the girl who forgot her debit card at Starbucks.

What I Can Do!

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